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If you are looking to become a trained professional in the healthcare sector, it is imperative that you undergo proper training. Moreover, if the area of work chosen by you is that of assisting a doctor in his office, you have to look for the relevant training. Being a doctor’s man Friday can be challenging, and proper grooming of your personality and knowledge is necessary. Various courses are available, and they offer flexibility in terms of time. You can either opt for a degree or a diploma. In addition, you can also choose between online courses and classroom courses.

The online program

Opting for an online medical assistant training programs has a lot of advantages. Firstly, the expenses are low as you save on travel costs. Secondly, you will only require a computer and internet connectivity as infrastructure. Most importantly, if you are a working professional, it is possible for you to schedule the classes in a flexible manner. These courses are divided into two parts – a classroom theoretical part and a practical hands-on part. Though you can take the theory classes sitting at home, the practical classes have to be attended at a facility pre-determined by the college. The online degree course duration is two to three years, and the online certificate course duration varies between nine and twelve months.

The classroom program

If you want to attend a course on a full-time basis, go for a classroom course which is offered by numerous accredited universities and colleges. You can also check the community colleges and vocational training institutes in your locality for these courses. The course structure is the same as online courses, with theoretical and practical components. However, the duration is longer for degree courses. You can opt for a certificate course which will range from six to nine months. The details as portrayed on can act as a good information repository for you.

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No matter which career you pick, attaining a certification demonstrates that you possess the required knowledge and skill to expel in this particular industry. When we have to talk about a career with the health care sector, attaining certification is mandatory.

There are vivid career options for one to make career with the health care sector, being a pharmacy technician is one such option that one can opt for. For one to excel in this particular field attaining a certification is mandatory. In fact, recruiters prefer to pick individuals who are trained properly and pursue a certificate.

Getting into deeper layers!!

Who is actually a pharmacy technician?

A pharma tech is a trained professional; trained in assisting the chief pharmacist with filling the prescriptions and handling the stores. They assist the patients with their medication needs and also answer the online requisites. There are many other duties that a pharmacy technician has to fulfill and it is definitely not an easy task for an amateur. It needs lot of training. Meeting the demand there are many schools that have come forward to offer training for the interested individuals.

In fact being a pharmacy technician has turned out to be a lucrative career option these days. Earlier, on the job training was more in demand but with the advancing technology and the demand for quality health care services. These days only trained and certified professionals are recruited.

There are many degrees that one can attain, while being a pharmacy tech. No matter what degree you earn or how many degrees you earn. Without a pharmacy technician certification nothing is valid. For one to attain a certification, need to complete their training from an accredited institute and then apply for the exam. A common exam is conducted by the PCTB (Pharmacy Technician Certification Board) and ICPT (Institute for the Certification of Pharmacy Technicians).

Pharmacy Technician earns on an average of 38,000 – 46000 USD per annum. For more information about pharmacy technician salary, visit

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X ray technician is considered as one of the best career options that one can consider these days. With the demand for imaging techniques in the diagnosis of a disease, only trained professionals can handle those equipment’s and there is now a vast demand for trained and certified professionals in this sector.

So if you are young aspirant who is looking forward to make career with this sector, then make sure you satisfy the following requisites

Educational pre- requisites

With the demand for trained and certified professionals there are many schools that have come forward to training. There are different programs, which one can opt for!! To mention the programs

  • Certificate program
  • Associate’s degree
  • Bachelor’s degree

The good thing about this course is you don’t need to spend much of your time with books all around. The course will be completed in less than a year of study. Certificate course is the fastest route to begin your career as a radiology technician.

There are many schools that have come forward to offer training. To attain admission into a school make sure that you hold minimum a high school diploma or anything that is equivalent to it. With the advancing technology there are many online schools that have come forward to offer training, no matter you pick a school that is offering online training or the traditional classroom teaching make sure of its accreditation. Only an accredited school can make sure of the x-ray technician training that you attain.

Understand what actually an x ray technician gas to do?

As X ray technician you need to pass electromagnetic rays, to get images of the internal body parts. These help in the diagnosis of the disease or any deformation in the body parts. A new sophisticated approach of x-ray is MRI, ultrasound and CT scan.


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The job of a Medical Assisting  (MA) owes its growth, demand and job-profile-enrichment to the worldwide increase in health care facilities and organizations. The nature of a medical assisting job is such that it is able to incorporate the multi tasking requirements of any health or medical organization, hospital or private clinic.

Nature of the job

MAs are trained in carrying out the twin responsibilities of meeting the clinical as well as clerical requirements. Often, their responsibilities and roles are dependent on the size and specialization of the place of work. Big organizations and hospitals may assign them to specific roles of managing the administrative duties or serving the specialized wards, whereas in medium or small scale clinics, MAs can perform various clinical and administrative tasks. MA`s duties may include performing the very important and vital functions like –

-        Maintaining medical records and insurance documents

-         Preparing patients for examinations

-        Keeping the day-to-day patient records

-         Arrangement of laboratory procedures and results

-        Conducting diagnostic tests

-        Assisting the patients

-        Preparing and administering correct meditations to the patients

-        Preparing patients for examinations

-        Scheduling appointments

-        Bookkeeping

-        Billing, and many other supporting functions.

Salary and remuneration

The career of a medical assisting personnel is financially rewarding, as there is high demand the world over for the trained and experienced MAs. The medical assistant`s salary often depends on three factors – their qualification and certification, their experience and the actual demand for their services in the medical organization offering them the job. Experienced MAs are always able to contribute more to their job, and well qualified and properly trained ones do not waste precious time and resources. The medical assistant`s salary on an average rests at $30,000 per year (on an average), but can go much higher depending on the MAs experience and his/her demand.

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Due to the growing shortage of nurses, registered nurses sometimes have to travel to rural locations and undertake short nursing assignments. If you completed your nursing basics from a registered nursing school and cleared your RN examinations, you could work as a travel nurse. These RN’s enjoy great expertise in their specialization.

Are you aware of the necessary education needed for a nurse travelling in short assignments?

These RN’s are associated with large public hospitals or medical care institutions. They undertake these short assignments as there are no specialized nurses available in rural area, to help medical emergency situations like breaking out of infectious diseases. Apart from their regular registered nurse school qualifications, they have to have around two year work experience as a Registered nurse and one year in their specialized field.

What is the salary pattern of a travel nurse?

When a RN works in a medical institution she receives her regular pay package. But a travel nurse would be paid on an hourly base which could be around thirty to fifty dollars an hour. If she works around eight hours a day and six days a week, she could earn up to five thousand seven hundred sixty dollars a month, considering her hourly salary is thirty dollars. Her salary would be more if she has various certifications and around five years as a RN and maybe a year in supervisory role.

Therefore if you love working long hours, meeting new people with their challenges, a travel nurse would be the right profile for you. It would open up many learning experiences for you which could become handy, when you move towards more senior nursing positions.

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Normally, there is no requirement binding a person to obtain certification in order to be deemed qualified. However, this is not to say that certification is worthless. In fact, a certified medical billing and coding professional stands a better chance of getting a job than the one who is not. There are a number of bodies, which offer the certification, and you will have to choose which one to go with.

However, there are some preconditions that have to be fulfilled first before an individual can be certified. First, an applicant must show proof that you have actually undergone and successfully completed your medical billing and coding course. In addition, you must have completed a high school program.

As stated above, there are several benefits of being certified. Apart from the fact that it increases your chances of being employed, it portrays you as a member of a professional body and as such abides by the stringent rules and regulations set by the body. In addition, these professional bodies demand that their members undergo tests every year to keep abreast with matters of their field.

Most certification programs will normally take under one year to complete. This may vary depending on the certification type and program of certification. Since there are several certification bodies, you may easily fall prey to unaccredited one. Ensure that the program you are enrolled in is accredited. The accreditation bodies are AHIMA and CAAHEP.

Another thing to note about certification is that it is renewable. Validation period could be 1 to five years. Renewing certification means taking and passing a test. This means you have to prove that you have been undergoing continuing education. There are minimum hours of study required of any individual. If you cannot show that you have been studying, you risk being denied certification. For more visit

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Have you decided to continue phlebotomy? Well this just might be the best decision you have ever made until now! With the changes in economy and the global standards changing, the medical sector seems as strong as ever. Becoming a phlebotomist will make you not only successful but also flourishing in the area. The demand for phlebotomists over the last decade has increased tremendously and hence your choice of career is one of the most fabulous ones! medical assistant also has vast demand these days health care field offers wide range of opportunities.

The past three years, youngsters and medical students have chosen this path because of its strong structure, economically. Considering that road, phlebotomy is not at all a bad position to be in a decade from now. With the steady growth for need of phlebotomists in the industry, you can expect your compensations to be increased in a couple of years from now. When taking into picture the whole medical community, phlebotomists have found to be more secure when spoken on an international basis. Not only that, they have also been found to have more than average salaries than the rest in the community like doctors and nurses. One of the biggest advantages of being a phlebotomist is that with the considerably less amount of work you put in, you earn a lot when compared to the rest of the staff who put it much more effort, just like the medical assistant salary and take almost twice the time as a phlebotomist to complete training.

Most of the time, it will take you around 15 weeks to complete the training required in phlebotomy. In other words, you will be able to start performing as a phlebotomist, with accreditation and training, with skill and precision in just under 4 months! You can apply to a job as soon as you get out and with your educational qualifications, finding one and landing it will be the least of your worries! Doing a phlebotomist training will remove your potential clients of all their worries and make you much more confident as a phlebotomist!

The majority of what you will do is puncturing a vein to draw blood out and taking it for testing. There can be series of tests done with the sample that is collected but everything is done in the testing center or the diagnostic center. For employment, you can seek to join in various centers stated above or other hospitals or clinics. You can also consider working research centers where the compensations are higher than usual.

During the training, the aspiring phlebotomist is trained to perform these jobs with the utmost of attention and concentration, to attain most perfection in the task. Being a phlebotomist, you can seek to implore the various opportunities that lie wait for you in the various cities in the United States.

Many phlebotomists help other nurses and doctors at hospitals and other clinics and deal with a flexible time table for work. This will ensure that you will not die of complete boredom doing you daily tasks every day.

Other than this, you will need to keep your lab clean, teach the other phlebotomy recruits the know how’s of the subject, follow all the rules needed in the lab, be careful and neat when disposing off all the samples, be sure of not contaminating the lab of the patient with any of the infections as this can be hazardous and life threatening, and labeling all the samples neatly and systematically.

Good communication skills can help build a better relationship with the patient and you can educate them on the process of phlebotomy to remove any sort of anxiety. Talking to your patient about the process also qualifies as a priority in phlebotomy.

Visit to know more about phlebotomist salary.

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Have you been dreaming of a career in the medical field? Are you finding it too difficult to get in? or do you want the easy way in? Well if you are not light heated and can handle the sight of blood at any time, welcome to the field of phlebotomy!!! Read more to know about the various jobs you can land as a phlebotomist.

Phlebotomy is basically the process by which an incision is made in the vein to draw out blood or to inject other certain fluids that are needed in the body, as directed by the physician. The advantage of doing phlebotomy when compared to a doctor’s course is that phlebotomy training takes much less time when compared to the training required by a doctor. This makes it easier for you to get into the field.

So, how to find the most suitable jobs as a phlebotomist around you? Well, you should most probably start looking around your own college or school. The people who taught you will know most about your capabilities and your skills, and also, they would be in touch with the nearby hospitals and the clinics that you could start working in. They will also guide you through the whole joining process and might even introduce you to a few already working phlebotomists if you are skilled enough. Getting a recommendation letter from them also can make a difference in your career.

As you start out, don’t expect huge salaries. You salary will only increase as you become more and more experienced in the field. You will come to learn about a lot new techniques and you will also need to be updated with them. Your expertise in the area can judge your salary by a large extent.

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Do you like working with blood? Experimenting with it and storing it? Have you ever heard of phlebotomy? If you are a blood lover and if you can stand the sight of blood at almost all times, phlebotomy is just the field for you! This is a field where you can earn with the minimum amount of effort (this is when compared to the other medical positions).

Phlebotomy is all about the process of making an incision in the vein so as to draw blood from the patient’s body or to inject any fluids into the body of the patient. This has to be done only when directed by the doctor. Phlebotomy is a skill that you should learn and possess which should be carried out with much tender care and concentration and hence, going through a course is preferred.

You can do either a degree or a certificate course in phlebotomy from any of the colleges or schools that offer the course. When choosing a place, make sure that it is accredited and check the history to fish out anything about the college. You can also ask the graduates of the college about the various aspects of the college. Earning a degree or a certificate and passing the national exam will help you get a better job with a better salary with no experience required at all!

A few of your duties after landing a job would be:

-        Collecting samples and labeling them

-        Cleaning the lab and maintain it such at all times

-        Preventing any type of contamination in the lab

-        Disposing off all the samples and other fluids after use, cleanly and systematically.

-        Keeping yourself completely updated with the new techniques and methods in phlebotomy

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Phlebotomy has become an incredibly important part of the society and the medical sector these days, not only because of the need of experts in drawing blood out but for the purposes of blood analysis. Blood is one element that can reveal a huge amount of information about the person so theses analysts are needed in each and every sector possible. This is a major reason why phlebotomy has become this famous and common these days. The prominence that phlebotomy has received in the past few years is considerably huge than the prominence any other field has gotten in the same field.

So, how to become a phlebotomist? Well, firstly you will need to select a well reputed school for that you can do this by short listing the potential ones (according to their eligibility rules). From the list, after much research, choose the one that has the maximum pass percentage and a great history of the college or school. This shows the potential of learning in the place and the capabilities of the lecturers.

Since phlebotomy is the science to making an incision on the vein, drawing out blood, analyzing it and revealing stunning results about the person, you will need to go through a course to become good at it. Although many states don’t need phlebotomists to be certified, it is always a good thing to be certified. What more can you produce than a certified paper claiming that you are skilled and perfect to work in a place, right?

Doing these courses (either a certificate course or a degree course) is necessary as it teaches you the subject in detail and covers topics like anatomy of body, physiology, the various methods of phlebotomy, the laws related to it and much more that will help you through it.

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